There have been many studies and debates about the environmental effects of Hand Dryers versus Paper Towels and we have taken the opportunity to look at some of the results.

There is no question that hand dryers are much less expensive than paper towels.  The cost of a paper towel, dependant on quality and buying power will be somewhere around 0.5p to 1p per towel – and lets face it who only uses 1 towel!   As you might imagine, low energy hand dryers are eco friendly hand dryers; by using less power they have less impact on the environment.  So if your business aims to maintain a low carbon footprint ATC hand dryers can help.

Then you have to think about the environmental impact of chopping down trees, transporting the paper towels and the chemicals that go into the paper towel manufacturing process.  That’s before you as a company have to dispose of the used paper towels.  It’s a misconception that they can be recycled over and over again, in truth they typically cannot and therefore end up in landfill sites or being incinerated.  Then what happens when someone inevitably tries to flush the paper towels and blocks the toilet, very frustrating for other washroom users and costly if you need to call out a plumber.

How many times have you washed your hands only to realise the stock of paper towels has run out, yes I know that your jeans can act as a useful drying surface but, if there is a hand dryer installed you should always be sorted.

We have both the ATC Cub and ATC Cheetah hand dryers in stock at very competitive prices.

The High Speed Cub Hand Dryer is a smooth and unique design.  It combines great drying performance with ultra-low energy use.  It is factory set at 1150 watts with the heating element on and can be simply switched to 500 watt ambient by the installer or end user.  This is available in White, Black and Stainless steel finish.

The ATC Cheetah is one of the best selling Hand Dryers on the market.  It is a powerful and robust design combining great drying performance with ultra-low energy use.  The ATC Cheetah hand dryer is factory set at 1475 watts with an in-built air filter to protect the motor.  Hands are therefore dried in just 15 seconds.  This is available to buy on our website in White  and Stainless Steel.



Ansell Lighting’s TopLine 6 available at Light Switch

Light Switch have close relationships with many manufacturers including Ansell Lighting to provide our customers with quality products whilst still maintaining competitive prices.

New Product – TopLine6 LED Batten

A new product from Ansell recently added to the Light Switch website is the TopLine 6 LED Batten.


ansell - Ansell Lighting's TopLine 6 available at Light Switch

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Topline6 is a high performance LED batten ideal for a number of applications including industrial, commercial and retail environments. It exceeds the performance of its T5 equivalent and has a maximum output of 9000 lumens and an LED lifespan of L70 36,000 hours.  It is made from quality components with a steel body construction finished with a powder coating.

The unique opal diffuser design allows for optimum performance and light distribution.  It comes with polycarbonate end caps and has an emergency option.

With prices starting from just £33.00 + VAT it is an affordable product whilst maintaining excellent quality.

batten 300x201 - Ansell Lighting's TopLine 6 available at Light Switch


On the Light Switch website we stock the ATLLED5  35W  batten, the ATLLED6 46W batten and the ATLLED2X5 62W batten all available in cool white.

If you need any further information about the Topline6 range please do not hesitate to contact us either by visiting our website or by calling 01992 899097.

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